Don’t use redirection plugins

One of the most common causes of performance issues, is any plugin which provides redirection capability: Using a redirection plugin on WordPress can slow down your site and provide a solution by manually adding redirects to the .htaccess file. Note: if a plugin provides redirect capability (like MathRank) but you don’t use it, then you … Read more

CVE-2023-44487 – Rapid Reset HTTP/2 attack

The HTTP/2 protocol allows a denial of service (server resource consumption) because request cancellation can reset many streams quickly, as exploited in the wild in August through October 2023. CVE-2023-44487¬†was published on 10 October 2023. It outlines a vulnerability in the HTTP/2 protocol, which allows DDoS attacks on a massive scale. LiteSpeed Technologies made a … Read more

Configure Certbot

This article includes a number of useful or common certbot commands. Please substitute with your correct domain name. To check which SSL certificates are installed on the server: To create a To delete a certificate:

Enable Secure Cookies

The cookie secure flag prevents the browser from submitting the cookie in unsecured HTTP requests, preventing an attacker that is eavesdropping the connection from getting access to that cookie.