One of the common problems for business owners trying to manage a website, is the gaps and overlaps between hosting provider, website design company, theme and plugin support.

If you need an independent specialist engineer to troubleshoot and co-ordinate between various 3rd parties, we can do that on an ad-hoc basis. The following is not an exhaustive list, but indicates the types of technical issues we can help you with.


ServiceDuration (hr)Price (R)Price ($)Description
Security Scan (comprehensive, report only)1R1,500$75We will conduct an ad hoc, comprehensive security scan, and provide you with a report detailing the necessary remedial action. Remedial action is excluded.
Performance Scan (comprehensive, report only)1R1,500$75
Build and configure OpenLiteSpeed server on DigitalOcean2R3,000$150Build, configure and fine-tune an OpenLiteSpeed server for hands-off operation.
Migrate Wordpress site to OpenLiteSpeed server, configure backups.2R3,000$150Migration of your existing website to a new DO OpenLiteSpeed server.
Configure Security Headers1R1,500$75Repair Security Headers to achieve an A or A+ security posture.
Fix DNS routing issues2R3,000$150Audit DNS records, fix where necessary.
Install and configure Fail2ban1R1,500$75