Helping business owners to improve website performance


Improve the user experience, performance and reliability of your WordPress & Woocommerce website.


Identify and mitigate security risks, protect your customer data and business reputation, and comply with regulations.


Implement good business practices to bounce back quickly from disruptive outages.

Who We Are

About me

I am a service architect with 28 years of experience in designing, deploying and managing resilient, enterprise-grade IT systems and services.

FastFwd is a tiny technical advisory practice where I help website owners to improve the reliability and performance of their websites.

Louis Stanford
Cape Town, South Africa

Become an Expert

Web Engineer Certificate

The Web Engineer Certificate is a specialised course for IT professionals who design, deploy and maintain web servers and web apps.

This is a technology-agnostic course explores the fundamentals of caching, compression, security headers and more, and will equip you with the skills to design and tune high-performance web servers and hosting platforms.